अव्यवहितम् call

It has been about an year now that I have got a cellphone. The feature i liked most in it is the availability of hindi and marathi in this cell. Except for a few words like menu, inbox etc, most of the words are translated in hindi/marathi. So Message becomes सन्देश, Contacts becomes सम्पर्क and so on. The word used for ‘Forward’ is अग्रेषित करें. Is अग्रेषित a sanskrit word?

Also, from the day I got my cell, the ‘missed’ calls have never missed me. Whenever I miss a call, the only thing that comes to my mind is, how would I say ‘missed call’ in sanskrit? My cell reads छूटी कॉलें, but the few sanskrit words I came across which would mean छूटना (to be left), I found none of them satisfactory.

त्यज्, स्रंस् and a lot more words I stumbled upon from time to time. But none of them seemed befitting. So the problem was eating within my mind for almost an year when I found this word –

व्यवहितम् (विशेषण, वि+अव+धा, क्त)

  1. अलग अलग रखा हुआ, kept seperately
  2. किसी अन्तःक्षिप्त वस्तु के कारण वियुक्त किया गया, seperated due to some internal cause
  3. बाधित, रोका गया, अवरुद्ध, अडचन से युक्त, stopped, having problem
  4. दृष्टि से ओझल, छिपाया हुआ, गुप्त, unnoticed, unseen, hidden
  5. जिसका निरन्तर सम्बन्ध न हो, that which is not in continuous contact
  6. किया गया, सम्पन्न,  done, finished
  7. भूला हुआ, छोडा हुआ, forgotten, left
  8. आगे बढा हुआ, आगे निकला हुआ, foregone, gone ahead
  9. विपक्षी, विरोधी,  opposition

All the above meanings except 9 agree with some or other situation when a call is missed. That is to say, 1-8 are various reasons for missing a call.

Then, in sanskrit, we can definitely say, सः व्यवहितम् call कृतवान्, आगमनात् पूर्वम् एकं व्यवहितम् call करोतु भोः, व्यवहितम् call प्राप्तम् etc and so on!! And this is so obvious that we don’t need a वैय्याकरण to confirm the साधुत्व of this!

So the year-long search is finally finished. Yet, this gives rise to a new search – what would we call a ‘call’? ‘व्यवहितम् call’ sounds pretty hybrid! And yes, please do call on me if you find a sanskrit word for ‘call’.

Well, the time is calling and I’ll have to go now, but just a parting note – don’t use व्यवधानम् instead of व्यवहितम्. व्यवधानम् does not come anywhere near व्यवहितम्. As for the ‘call’, the search continues – अव्यवहितम् (without a break or a miss!!!)

टीकाः प्रसादायन्ते....

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